About Us

Q-group Company has been successfully operating in the IT services market for more than 12 years. The company is engaged in integrated network systems management, IT consulting, providing high quality IT services to corporate clients, providing servers, network and software solutions. The services are provided both in Yerevan and in the regions of the Republic of Armenia, as well as outside the territory of the Republic of Armenia. We have branch in Georgia with local staff.

The strong cornerstones of our activity are quality and trust, as evidenced by the growing number of our customers and the mutually beneficial cooperation over the years.

We offer:

  • Integrated network system management
  • IT consulting
  • High quality IT service based on the best world standards և methods
  • Complete package of IT services based on outsourcing scheme

By choosing Q Group, you will get ․

  • IT services 24/7
  • Your personal project manager
  • Your organization’s computer operating system will work stably and reliably
  • Unlimited IT service work included in the standard contract price
  • High level of electronic information storage organization

IT consulting include

  • Enterprise IT audit
  • Organization of the work of the Information Technology Service
  • Enterprise infrastructure design
  • IT budget analysis and optimization
  • Maintenance of the construction process from the point of view of IT infrastructure design

IT consulting allows you to identify the level of protection your existing technical system has. The main purpose of IT consulting is to assess the availability of existing computer systems, assess security, system privacy, system reliability, accuracy.

Advantages of Technical Consulting:

  • It helps the organization understand the potential technical risks it faces.
  • IT consulting provides the organization with a clear strategy on how to influence and neutralize risks, whether they can be eliminated, mitigated or mitigated through proper control.
  • IT consultants are there to guide the organization’s “implementers” to adapt and manage internal and external changes that occur with the growth of a technology-based work environment.
  • Many companies have struggled to adapt to technical changes, failing to implement effective technical management.
  • The use of Regular and thorough IT audits keeps relevant systems in control, increasing potential security risks, applying any solution
  • The IT audit function is intended to eliminate any inaccuracies or inefficiencies, both within the organization’s IT management and business technical management.

Stages of Technical Consulting:

  • Software study of computers, servers active network devices
  • Study of the passive part of the computer network (in the server room, computers, cables, physical security).
  • Study of IT procedures (work style)
  • Summary of all problems and Defects together with the ordering organization
  • Submit a proposal to correct the identified problems
  • Development of IT procedures and Implementation consulting
  • Software study of active computers, servers and computer network:
  • Study of server operating systems
  • Summary of all problems and Defects together with the customer organization
  • Sumbmition of a proposal to correct the identified problems
  • Development of IT procedures for Implementation consulting

Software study of active computers, servers and computer network:

  • Study of server operating systems
  • Study of computer operating systems
  • Domain system organization (Access, Group Policy etc.), interchangeability and other studies.
  • Et Penetration test (External, Internal) – External – Scanning from the point of view of systems presented on the Internet
  • Study of the passive part of the computer network (server rooms, computers, cables, physical security).

As a result of the consultation, the following processes will be formed in the company through the embedded management system.

The result of the software study of the active computers of the, computers, servers and computer network,

  • Proposed solution package Correction work if necessary
  • IT Rules Development and Implementation Consulting:
  • List of operating system administrators
  • Backup in software and Archiving system
  • Methodical instructions for operation of Backup Servers in emergency situations;
  • Instruction on the use of electronic means of exchanging information with external information systems;
  • IT department work schedule,
  • Instructions for providing software powers, logins, passwords and in computer workplaces,
  • Information security policy,
  • Computer and Servers Operating Instructions
  • Procedure for protection of confidential information, Internet connection work
  • Privacy Policy
  • Email Procedure

 Deployment of server systems and maintenance:


  • User management. Creating accounts, assigning access to file resources.
  • Network media connection regulation.
  • Data storage settings
  • Remote Desktop Access (RDP) configuration.
  • Installation and adjustment of non-standard software.
  • Server maintenance, server software troubleshooting

Visit / distance

  • Formulation of server equipment requirements. Negotiation between suppliers: customer:. Organizing the purchase and delivery of equipment.
  • Installation and testing of server equipment.
  • Installation of the operating system, updates, basic security settings.
  • Server upgrade to domain controller level, domain creation և configuration, domain implementation.
  • RAID recovery.
  • Data recovery from archive

Customer service of virtual servers:

  • Server management. Providing data archiving on external media
  • User management by granting access rights
  • Implementation of ongoing preventive maintenance
  • Solve the problems of users working on the virtual server

Network service:

  • Formulation of requirements. Settlement և price agreement. Organizing the procurement process
  • Installation of network equipment ավորում Configuration
  • Set packet filtering rules, routing rules, port-forward.
  • Configure the built-in dial-in of the VPN server.
  • Configuration of VPN connections via IPSEC protocol.
  • Virtual Local Area Network (VLAN) configuration.

Network Storage (NAS):

  • Installation of NAS, connection to the network connection
  • Adjust working parameters of NAS, create RAID
  • Active Directory (AD) configuration
  • Regulation of network data access

Computer service:

  • Selecting the necessary parameters for the computer և Creating requirements. Settlement և price agreement. Organizing the procurement process.
  • Installation, connection of working equipment.
  • Installation of the operating system և basic software package (BPO) և configuration
  • Teach users to use basic computer programs.
  • Solve users’ computer problems.
  • Operating system optimization, cleaning of unauthorized programs.
  • Get rid of viruses, remove rootkit և other malicious և blocking programs.
  • Installation and adjustment of non-standard software.

Antivirus system:

  • Install the antivirus system control panel on the server
  • Organize operational policy և antivirus software updates.
  • Installation of anti-virus programs on computers and servers.
  • Postal systems:
  • Installation of a mail server. Configuration of input-output connectors.
  • Posting DNS records. MX, SPF.
  • Access to the mail system via external web interface or via IMAP, SMTP / POP3
  • Owners’ Email Creating mailboxes և groups
  • Installation and configuration of anti-spam software


  • Installation of MS SQL DBMS և initial configuration
  • Organize database archiving
  • Organization of database storage procedures. Database defragmentation, index optimization.
  • Data recovery from storage.
  • Ongoing works:
  • Check hard disk space.
  • Active Directory job diagnostics.
  • Pilot data recovery from storage.
  • Antivirus system control.
  • Troubleshooting steps:
  • Problem registration
  • Problem classification
  • Determining the priority level of the problem
  • Task creation և Management
  • SLA management և escalation.
  • Problem solving
  • Completion of the problem

Other services:

  • Cable systems design and installation
  • Digital video surveillance systems
  • Security system installation: maintenance
  • PBX (telephone system)
  • Other installation works (energy, water supply, ventilation)

Thus, the advantages of working with us are high efficiency, high quality of services, availability of services, no dependence on one employee, individual approach to each client, quality service of computer problems in time.