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For: 1 server, 3 desktop computers, UPSes, smartphone, printer, network device, Wi Fi

Bronze(prices ex vat)AMD17200

SLA Response: 6 hour

SLA Resolve: 16 hour

Email Support: Yes

Remote Support: Limited

Phone Support: No

Onsite Break/Fix support: No

Monthly Report: No

Scheduled engineering visits: No

Scheduled physically prophylactics: No

Gold(prices ex vat)AMD51400

SLA Response: 2 hour

SLA Resolve: 4 hour

Email Support: Yes

Remote Support: Unlimited

Phone Support: Yes

Onsite Break/Fix support: Unlimited

Monthly Report: Yes

Scheduled engineering visits: Yes

Scheduled physically prophylactics: Yes


Monthly Support

If you want to have quality computer service in your organization, but do not want to pay extra money to a computer specialist, then the subscription computer service offered by our organization is exactly what you need. The service we provide is much more affordable than having a computer specialist on staff.

IT Service

For the steady development and success of the business, it is necessary to have a stable working IT infrastructure and regularly evaluate the state of the system. Our skilled specialists will help you assess the current state of your company's IT, support the development of an IT strategy and its successful implementation, which will open new horizons for business.

Cabling Service

The Q-Group company offers both complete and individual components installation and maintenance services. Our design and engineering services include both wired and wireless Internet connections for local computer networks, network upgrades, upgrades, and troubleshooting consulting services.



Carrying out Research before the Project

We go through a perfectly planned process for our cabling system research. Starting with technical and quality checkups, then providing a detailed plan including budgets, timelines and delivery deadlines.

Project Planning

Based on the collected information, our skillful and experienced specialists plan the project, taking into consideration all the details that will enable us to have an optional and productive solution. The whole working process is discussed and coordinated with a customer in advance.


Having the project planned and approved, we begin the laying process of the cable system, using the necessary devices և equipment. In the end, the cabling system is checked via Fluke Test.

About Us

The company was founded in 2008 and since then it has been successfully operating in the IT services market providing services based on outsourcing scheme. Q-Group Offers a complete system of network management, IT consulting, PC subscription service, maintenance service, providing users with high quality IT support service, corresponding international standards. Our services are provided both in Yerevan, in the regions of Armenia, as well as outside Armenia. We have branches in Georgia, Belarus and the United States with local offices and staff.

Realizing the importance of high quality and efficient IT service, Q-Group Armenia provides individual և flexible solutions which help to make the business processes of our partners more productive and effective. We treat problems of our customers with great responsibility and provide the best solutions among several possible options.

 The main services provided are:

  • 24-hour computer subscription service (24/7/365)
  • Local Area Network design and installation
  • Server systems installation and further maintenance
  • Digital and analogue video surveillance systems installation and further maintenance
  • Arranging secure storage of data
  • Studying and consultation of local computer networks and IT infrastructures

Q-Group offers a wide array of network services that specialize in Cabling Systems, which unite local computer networks, telephone networks, security systems and more. We offer both complete and individual component installation and maintenance services.

The cornerstones of our business are quality and reliability. This is evidenced by the growing number of our customers with who we maintain mutually beneficial cooperation. Our customers are mainly small and medium enterprises and organizations: these are shops of perfumery, clothes, construction materials, restaurants, hotels, etc.

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Q Group has implemented the ISO 27001:2013 and ISO 90001:2015 standards.

Q Group has implemented the ISO 27001:2013 and ISO 90001:2015 standards.

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